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Cant Recover My Old Account.

I called trying to get into my account  because I forgot my password. The phone number and email address I had on file I cant get into anymore to be able to get the code to log in. I was told to make another account which I did and I would have to recover my old account to get my old tax returns. I tried calling multiple times after and sent 2 messages already and never got an answer back still. I had to make another email address and I had to get another phone number so I can't get into my old account to get my old taxes returns or seeing anything on that account. The guy told me after I made a new account I would be able to recover my old account easy because y'all would understand I don't have the same email or phone number and its actually me and not anybody else. I need help ASAP to get this resolved. 

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I need help!  [phone number removed] or [phone number removed].