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How do I figure total miles driven during 2016?

I know my miles driven for my Uber business, but no clue how many total miles I drove in 2016. How do I figure that out? I only kept records of business miles.
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Here are some ways to determine your total mileage for a year driven on your vehicle. Be sure to write down your odometer reading now, adjust it back to January 1st for next year with your mileage records for 2017.

  1. Oil changes or any car repairs always note the mileage on invoices or receipts, this could provide a very close estimate of your total miles for the year. 
  2. You could also use your starting mileage when you purchased the vehicle, subtract that from the current total odometer mileage and then divide by the number of years you owned the vehicle. This would provide an estimate of miles normally driven each year.

You have to complete the entire Business Vehicle Expense interview in order to get to the screen where you elect the Standard Mileage Rate method (if this is what you want to use) .

(The IRS still requires much of the information in the interview, even if you go with Standard Mileage. Also, since TurboTax "guarantees" the best tax outcome for you, it has to be able to calculate both options based on your choices- Actual Expenses and Standard Mileage). Click here for TurboTax blog on Business Use of Vehicle.

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