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I am a Real Estate Agent. I will be filling a 1099-MISC. Will I file this under self-employed?

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Yes.  You are considered a sole proprietor and your income and expenses are reported on a Schedule C in your 1040 return.

  1. Click on the Business tab > Continue > I'll choose what to work on
  2. On the Let’s gather your business info screen, in the Business Income and Expenses section, click the Start/Update button.  [See Screenshot #1, attached.]
  3. If you have already started adding information about your business, you will see the Here's the business info we have so far screen.  Click on the Edit box next to the business.  [Screenshot #2]
  4. If you haven't already started adding business information, continue through the screens to enter the needed information.
  5. You will now be on the Your [XX] Business screen.  In the Business Income section, click on the Start/Update box.  [Screenshot #3]
  6. On the next screen, Business Income, click on the Start/Update box next to 1099-MISC income[Screenshot #4]  
  7. When finished entering your 1099-MISC you will be brought back to the Business Income screen so you can input other types of income.  Click Continue when finished with income.
  8. When you are finished entering income, you will be brought back to the Your [business type] Business screen.   From here you can enter other business items (expenses, assets, inventory, etc.).

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