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My 1040 tax info has my mom's info attached to my social and email. What do I need todo to retrieve my wage information. Trying to sign up for school

My social is xxx-xx-xxxx
My name is Kaliyah Monet Burns
My status was head of household
My dependant is my sister Darneisha Harden
I can be reached at xxx-xxx-xxxx
Thank you
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Please explain what that means.   And what tax year are you referring to--a 2019 return or a prior year?   Did your mom and you use the same account to prepare two returns, which is a no-no?


Also be aware that this is a public user forum--not a direct route to TurboTax Support.  You posted a lot of personal info above, which you should NOT do in a public Internet forum.   Luckily, it appears the forum privacy filter has removed part of your personal info.   If you want to remove the rest, just to the right of your question is a tiny blue 3-dot icon.  Click that and in the dropdown menu choose EDIT.

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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

While we're waiting on you to explain what that means, if it means that when you log into your account you see your mom's return instead of yours, check to see if you have multiple accounts.   Here's how:


Many people end up with multiple accounts without realizing it.   Here's how to troubleshoot for multiple accounts (User IDs) :


You can have up to 5 accounts that use the same email address for notification purposes.  A User ID may be an email address, but it doesn't have to be.  It might be only part of an email address, or it can be anything at all.


To get a list of your User IDs and recover account access, you can use the tool at the link below.  When using the Account Recovery tool, try using your phone number first.   After that, if necessary, then run the tool on your email address(es) you can access.

NOTE: Before running the account recovery tool below, log out of all Intuit accounts including this user forum, or you might end up in a loop.  Then clear your browser Internet cache, close your browser, then reopen it, and go to the link below.  You may wish to copy this link so you can paste it into the new browser session.

If still no luck after running that on your phone number and email address(es) that you can access,  here's another method:

Go back to the tool again, but this time leave the data field blank, and choose the small blue link that says "Try something else", and it will look you up by SSN and other parameters.