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Schedule D

I received Stock from my company and sold the shares for cash.  Federal and state taxes were withheld on the Gross amount, and i received the net amount.  In past years, i reported the gross proceeds on Schedule D line 1a column (d) proceed and equal amount in column (c) for a zero net effect as the gross proceeds when i received the shares were taxed by fed and state.  Schedule D form does not allow me to make a direct entry on line 1a, so how do i do this.  



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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

You report the stock sale by entering the information from your 1099-B.  


The gain or loss from the sale depends on your basis in the stock.  The amounts that were included in your W-2 are part of your basis. 


How you report employee stock depends on the type of stock.


To report company stock sales in TurboTax:


When you enter your 1099-B information you will be asked: 'Do these sales include any employee stock? This includes ESPP, RSU, RS, NQSO, and ISO' Say yes.


Then you will be asked 'What type of investment did you sell?' Select the type of stock.


Check the box that says 'The cost basis is incorrect or missing on my 1099-B'


Then select 'I need help figuring out my cost basis'


You will be prompted to enter your company stock information, and details about the sale from Form 3922, (Employee Stock Purchase Plan),  Form 3921, (Incentive Stock Options), or grant information if it is a Restricted Stock Unit.

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