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Over-ride error checking and e-file

Turbotax automatic error checking has incorrectly identified an "error" and will not let me e-file (despite this being an advertised feature and I paid for state e-filing). I am stuck in an infinite loop.


I have a schedule K1 where Box 20 has (among other things) Code Z with a value of 0. That is what is in my K1.


When I enter this into the K1, turbotax identifies it as an "error." However, TurboTax is wrong. I click past the error to get to e-filing.

When I attempt to e-file I get to a screen that says "We Need to Make One More Check".

I must either (1) change filing method, or (2) run the error checker, which loops back to the beginning of the submission process and detects the "error".


 And I've already spent half an hour on the phone and am in a >1 hour phone queue. This product design and support is awful and I should probably be reimbursed for the aggravation and wasted time. Shame on turbo tax and shame on your support for being unable to fix this.


How can I over-ride the detected "error" and submit my taxes with the "error"?

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if box 20 code z is 0 you don't need it   so delete the entry. 

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