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My son's dad & my son are both disabled (son lives w/ me) so he gets a SSDI and a SSD check (in my name & his). Does he qualify & need to file to get a stimulus check?

His checks actually support the household now because I became disabled and I'm applying for my own disability. He's an adult but has a young sibling, living in the home with us as well. Is he considered my dependent, and as such, disqualified? (The dad and I are divorced btw).
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My mom receives social security survivors and ssi    and I am her representative payee her benefits comes on a DirectExpress debit card. I heard people on social security will receive payments tomorrow on April 29th. When I check to see if her payment is available the site tells me her payment status is not available. Could she be getting a payment later or did she fall through the cracks and will not receive a payment?