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I am trying to change the amount on Miscellaneous Income in Other Income. I haven't been able to figure out how.

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Please see the instructions below for accessing the Miscellaneous Income section:

  1. On the Tax Timeline, click on "Federal Taxes" then "Wages and Income".
  2. Click “Revisit” next to “Miscellaneous Income, 1099-A, 1099-C”. 
  3. On the next screen, you will see "Let's Work on Any Miscellaneous Income" along with a list of selections.
  4. Click "Revisit" to edit/delete information previously entered into the return.

Please note: if you do not see “Miscellaneous Income, 1099-A, 1099-C” in the income list, select the "Check for more income" button, then select "Skip to see all income". Scroll down to the “Less Common Income” section and click “Show More” to view the list of income selections and follow steps 3 & 4 from above.