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How do I determine the date I established residency?

I am a resident of Florida and I am active military.I have been stationed in Norfolk, Virginia since 2015. I was Born in P.R. and moved to Florida at a young age, however when putting a date of when I established residency it says that it cannot be before 01/01/2018 and I was in my current duty station at the time. What should I do?
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If you are talking about "Your personal info / 2. Tell us the state(s) you lived in" section then only enter "Florida" under the question "State of residence (on December 31, 2018)". Answer "no" to the question "I lived in another state in 2018" unless you changed your State of legal residence with the military in 2018. This way TurboTax will correctly use your Home of record/ state of legal residence. You will not have to enter the date you established residence if you kept your Florida state of legal residence for the whole year.

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