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How do I add my dependents who do not have SSN?

I have also filled form W-7 application for ITIN  but IRS asked me to include their names in my tax return but TurboTax removed their names what should I do?
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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

you include their names and birth dates as per normal and enter fictitious SSNs like 991-88-6001, 991,88-6002  and so on and so forth. This should TurboTax to do its thing. When all done  tell TurboTax that you are filing by mail --- print out the return.  Sign and date  as required. Now go to the area the factious SSN's were entered,  snopake out the entered SSNs and hand write instead N. R. A. That is all now, go ahead and mail in the return.  Do the same for the State.