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I recvd interest cks w/ dental reimbs from IL for '15/'16 dental visits. I recvd no 1099-INT form for them. Must I report as taxable income in my state and/or fedl taxes?

In 2017 I received interest checks along with dental reimbursements from the State of Illinois' dental plan; reimbursements were for 2015 and 2016 dental expenses I had paid for up front, but the reimbursements were delayed due to the lack of a state budget (since resolved).  I received no 1099-INT form for these payments.  Do I need to report these as taxable income, in my state and/or federal taxes?

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The interest is taxable income and can be shown in the income section under interest income.  No 1099 is needed.

The medical reimbursements would be applied as reimbursements if you are taking a medical expenses deduction it would reduce that.

The medical reimbursement does not need to be added to income. 

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