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Can two people file head of household using same address?

I have a dependant i tried to file single but it wouldnt let me considered head of household i stay with my parents my dad file head of household
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No, you can't be Head of Household if someone else is HOH in the same house. You also cannot be Head of Household if you are not the one paying for more than half of the home's costs, regardless of the filing status used by others.

Head of Household means you are not married, and paying more than 1/2 of the costs of the home your child resides in. Presumably, your parents are the ones paying for the costs of the home.

Click Edit next to Filing Status under Personal Info. Click Done on the page "Your children and others you support". Continue until you see the question, "Did you pay more than half the cost to keep up your home in 2016?" When you indicate "No", you will receive the Single status.

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It automatically put mine as head of household and didn’t realize it until after it had already been accepted ... how do I change this 

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To change your filing status you need to amend your return.

Here's how you amend your return:

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Scroll down to Your tax return & documents , select 2019 and then Amend (change) return
  3. Select Amend using TurboTax Online.
  4. Follow the instructions, your refund or tax due will change to 0. This is normal on amended returns.

Amended return can't be e-file, you need to print it and mail it in.


To correct your filing status:

  1. Select My info from the left menu.
  2. Select Edit next to Filing status.
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