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TurboTax said I must mail in my returns, not e-file, because of something on my W2. The printed NY return says I'm required to e-file. How can I reconcile the conflict?

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If you can't file your federal return because of an issue with your W2, then you won't be subject to the NY requirement.

The New York e-file mandate only applies when the three conditions below are met.  
  • you use software to prepare your own personal income tax return;
  • your software supports the electronic filing of your return; and
  • you have broadband Internet access

So, if for some reason you have a situation with your TurboTax return that causes you to need to mail your return, then that means the software does not support the electronic filing of your return and you are not subject to the e-file mandate.  You can mail your return without it being rejected.  Also, NY removed any taxpayer penalties for not e-filing several years ago.  

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