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How do I clear error on Box 6 on my 1099-DIV?

My "foreign taxes paid" is $20, which also appears on line 48 of my 1040. Since this is passive, per IRS doc, I don't think I need to fill out form F1116.  TT says I need to enter something in 1099-DIV box 6d.  I think I understood someone's post to say I could just enter a 0.00 in 6d, but I wanted confirmation.  It looks like I need to do SOMETHING to clear the error.  Just to see what would happen, I clicked the box for 6a, and it reduced my refund by $30...which is more than the amount I already paid!  Please advise.

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You are right to enter a zero in Box d. 

If Form 1116 is not filled out because the user elects to use the exemption or the deduction, then bring up the 1099-DIV worksheet and type a zero into box 6d to remove the error.

If there is an entry in 1099-DIV box 6TurboTax will immediately and incorrectly require an entry in box 6d and will mark it as an error until an amount is entered.  Box 6d is “the foreign source amount included in dividends.” 

If Form 1116 is filled out, there is a screen to input that amount which TurboTax will insert into box 6d and clear the error. 

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