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I don't remember how much I paid last year to prepare my taxes via Turbo Tax. Can you help?

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I'll tell you how to look up last year's TurboTax fees below.  Are you asking in regards to deducting the fees on your 2016 return?

If you are taking a standard deduction and not itemizing deductions, it won't count.  If you are itemizing deductions, it may or may not count.  Tax preparation fees are in the category "Miscellaneous deductions subject to the 2% of AGI floor".  So it may not count there unless you have a lot of other miscellaneous deductions such that the total exceeds 2% of AGI, and even then only if you have enough other types of deductions such that you can itemize deductions..

FAQ:  Can I claim tax prep fees as a deduction?

Or are you allocating a portion of the fees as business/rental expenses for preparing Schedule C,E,F, etc.?

That having been said, see this:

FAQ: What did I pay last year for TurboTax?

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