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Why does the amount I have entered from my 1099-MISC in the Income section shows up under Business Income and Expenses? It was listed correctly in 2017.

The 1099-MISC was for "Short-term Photographer's Assistant" work that I perform annually for 2 weeks during a sporting event.  I entered the information in the Income section and clicked <Continue>.  The next page says "Good news!  You might qualify for additional deductions for your Short-term Photographer's Assistant work" and "Be sure to visit the Business Income and Expense section so we can cover the business deductions you may be eligible to deduct."

It was listed correctly in 2017 but I do not remember if I had done anything differently.

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When you enter Form 1099-MISC under the Personal income section of TurboTax, the program will often move it to other more appropriate sections of the program.  Most commonly if it is self-employment income (i.e independent contractor), the value on the screen will get moved from Personal to a Business section.  For the Deluxe, program it would get moved further down the screen under Business Items (Business Income and Expenses - Schedule C).  So, all of the income numbers are still there in your return, it's just the on-screen value or display that gets moved.

Note:  It does show it the place you entered it for the 2017 comparison.  So, it can be a bit confusing, but this is done to remind you that you entered a value in 2017 for that line item.

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