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I dont have a insurance form 1099hc, only the 1095c. What do i do without the 1099hc??

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If you have a 1095-C, a form titled Employer-Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage the IRS does NOT need any details from this form. You can keep any 1095-C forms you get from your employer for your records.

If you haven't received your 1099-HC by January 31, 2018, you may want to contact the insurance company. If you do not expect to receive a 1099-HC (and don't have government-subsidized insurance, such as Medicare, MassHealth, or Tricare), complete the Health Insurance interview by answering that you did not receive a 1099-HC. Enter the insurance company name and your subscriber number, but leave the FID blank. You may see an error during the state review, which you can ignore. TurboTax may not allow you to e-file, in which case you'll need to print and mail your MA tax return.

NOTE: The Form 1095-C is a Federal form, while the Form 1099-HC is a Massachusetts form, It serves as proof of Health insurance coverage for MA adult residents. They both provide information about your Heath Coverage. It's your responsibility to determine whether your insurance meets MCC requirements. 

Here's a link from the Massachusetts State's website with more information: http://www.mass.gov/dor/individuals/taxpayer-help-and-resources/health-care-reform-information/frequ...

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