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Do I have to file a 1099 Misc for self employment or can I enter this as cash income and forego the 1099?

I have a 1099 Misc for self employment. The payer issued it with their federal id number as only the last four digits of their SSN visible and the rest of the numbers are x'd out (xxx-xx-####). The payer will not give their full SSN as they state that they have never been required to provide the full number before. Turbo tax requires the full number to be entered. I have been advised to simply skip the 1099 Misc and enter the amount as cash income. Can I simply skip the 1099 Misc as long as I report it as cash or am I required to enter it since I received it?

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No, the IRS will want to match the 1099-MISC and see it on your return. 

The IRS requires the EIN number (or social) be reported on the 1099-MISC. If they don't want to use their social, tell them to get an EIN. 

I would advise you mail the return in with the 1099-MISC. 

You can enter the amount as cash. If the IRS questions it, they may agree with the way you decided to report it; however, not alarming the IRS is better than alarming them with an explanation. Even with the income reported as cash, the IRS will inquire about the 1099-MISC. 

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