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Why Turbotax Home and Business data can not load into Turbotax Business?

I've input my 2016 tax info into Turbo Tax Home & Business version, but I found that I have LLC and need to use Turbo Tax Business version.  I'm hoping to load my current .2016tax file from Home & Business version into the new Turbo Tax Business version.  I got an error code asking to load more forms in my Business version.  How does it work?
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" How does it work?"

It is fairly simple but not exactly what you want to hear; the two products are not capable of accepting data from either one in any direction and, unfortunately, do not communicate with each other in any way, shape, or form.

You need to start the appropriate type of return and then enter everything separately into each program. TurboTax Home & Business can import data from multiple sources (but not TurboTax Business) while TurboTax Business can only import data from QuickBooks.

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