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Description box agi

What do I write in the description box for my federal adjustments?
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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

Your 2015 Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) will be in TurboTax – as long as you’re using the same account as last year.

    This means you’re using the same User ID to do your 2016 return as you used to file for 2015.

Not sure which account you’re in?

Let’s get you into the account that has your prior year return so we can locate your 2015 AGI:

    Use this tool to locate your account.
    Once your signed into TurboTax, go to Tax Year 2015
    Click View adjusted gross income (AGI).

    This is your 2015 AGI.

Where else can I find last year’s AGI?

A great place to find your 2015 AGI is on last year's original unamended tax return.

    Original unamended AGI: To e-file your 2016 return, the IRS will only accept your original unamended 2015 AGI as proof of your identify. If you filed your 2015 return and then later amended it, don’t use your amended AGI; rather, use the original AGI.

To get your AGI from a printout or PDF of your return
Select the type of 1040 you filed last year:
Form 1040 – Line 37

Form 1040A – Line 21

Form 1040EZ – Line 4

Form 1040NR – Line 36

Form 1040X – Line 1, Column A

We’re here to help you get your AGI, but if you’ve tried the methods above and still can’t find it, you can get your AGI directly from the source. Here’s how to order an IRS return transcript.
If the IRS rejected your return because of an incorrect AGI, try this

    If you initially rounded your AGI up to the nearest dollar, try rounding it down. If you initially rounded it down, try rounding it up.
    If you filed your return late last year (after October 2016), your AGI is not in the IRS database. In this case, use 0 for your AGI.
    If you amended your 2015 tax return, you need to enter the AGI from your originally accepted tax return. You will get rejected if you submit the amended AGI.
    If you didn’t file last year, use 0 for your AGI.
    If you thought you should change your AGI because you got married or divorced, recheck the AGI on your 2015 return. Be sure to use that 2015 AGI. Don’t split the number in half or double it. The IRS will only accept your return if you use the exact AGI on your 2015 return.
    If you changed your AGI because one spouse earned the income and the other didn’t, check the AGI on your 2015 return again and use that number. The AGI on the bottom of a Married Filing Jointly tax return belongs to both people listed on the return. If you filed with your spouse last year, your 2015 AGI is the same as your spouse's 2015 AGI.


How to file if you can't get your AGI

Don't worry if you can’t get last year's AGI for e-file. You can still file a paper return by printing out copies of your federal and state returns and mailing them in. For information on where to send your federal return, go to the IRS site Where to File Paper Tax Returns With or Without a Payment.

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