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When I click to transmit my returns nothing happens? How do I know if my returns were transmitted or not?

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If your "Transmit My Returns Now" button is not working, it may be due to a CAPTCHA not appearing, where one would need to checkmark "I am not a robot."

  • First, simply refresh the page in your browser and see if that changes anything.
  • If not, then log out and clear your browser Internet cache.
  • Close the browser and reopen it.
  • Make sure cookies are allowed/enabled in your browser settings so the CAPTCHA will appear.
  • Log in and try again.
  • If still unsuccessful, do all the above, then this time open a private window/private browsing (aka "incognito mode").
  • Log in with the private window (again making sure cookies are allowed) and try the efile again

NOTE: Also be sure you are not using any script blockers/ad blockers.If so, perhaps they are blocking.

    If that doesn't work, see if a different browser (with cookies allowed) will solve it.

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