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Didn't get my Uber Discount

I didn't get my discount when I logged in via Uber and then to TurboTax. I even tried a different browser and clearing my cache. Can you manually apply?
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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

If you have not already filed, and you have the message that informed you of the discount you can still get that discounted to your account. I would be happy to help you with that.

First I strongly recommend clearing your browsers cookies and history. Otherwise it my auto direct you away from the specific link you need to apply the discount.

Once you have done that follow these steps.

To get your partner discount, make sure to prepare your taxes at the special TurboTax site provided by your bank, credit union, or insurance company – not at, which charges the non-affiliate price.

    Go to the special website provided by your bank, credit union, or insurance company and click the TurboTax link or icon.
        This will take you to the special TurboTax-branded affiliate site with the discounted pricing.
    Select your product, sign in, and start on your tax return.
    When you get to the Review your order screen (in the File section) you'll see the discounted price along with the message Your discount has been applied.

If you have already filed you can still get this resolved as long as you have the E-mail informing you of the discount. You will need to contact our support agents so they can verify that you received the E-mail from Fidelity.
Here's how you can contact us.

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