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Form 4684 for a property that is both Personal & Income. TT makes you select EITHER personal OR income, you CANNOT select both, hence You CANNOT fill out BOTH Sec A & B.

I have one property that is split between personal use and vacation rental. It is located in Puerto Rico and suffered damage from Hurricane Maria. Form 4684 in Turbo Tax makes you select the property type as EITHER personal OR income and you CANNOT select both. The result is you CANNOT fill out both Section A and B, which is what I need to do. 

Please help!

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The program is handling it correctly. First, work it through and enter either personal losses or business losses. One or the other. Let's say you take the personal loss first. So work that through. When you get to the "Property Summary" screen, you're not done with that item. Click the DONE button anyway. Now you'll see the button at the bottom left for "Add a Casualty or Theft". Select it, and report the business loss now.