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1099-B missing cost basis; sales proceeds are 0

Turbo Tax won't let me continue because my 1099-B is missing information.  2 sales are missing cost basis;  the 1099-B says 'Cost Basis not reported to IRS - Form 8949, (X)'.  The sales quantities are .0003 and .0002, respectively and the proceeds are listed as $0.00  Cost basis and 'Gain or Loss' both say N/A.  One was held 3 months and the other about 9 months.  Can I put down 0 for the cost basis?   Or just delete those transactions?  What am I supposed to do with this?

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I'd either enter 0 for Cost Basis or delete those transactions completely....whatever works and lets you continue with the TurboTax program.  Since there are no proceeds, these trades are not relevant to your tax situation.

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