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My wife retired from civil service at the end of 2021 and I’ve been looking at the guidance in IRS Pub 721, but it’s very confusing. Will the TurboTax 2022 tax filing software take me through this to simplify it all when I file my return next April?

Employee Tax Expert

Get your taxes done using TurboTax

The TurboTax software will walk you through entering the data from each source of your civil service retirement income.  So for example, you will enter the Form 1099-R associated with pension retirement benefits from civil service.  If your wife also has a withdrawal from the Thrift Savings Plan, you will enter the Form 1099-R from the TSP.  One wrinkle, civil service plans are qualified plans, so if asked if plan is qualified or unqualified, you check qualified.  In most cases, the taxable and nontaxable portion of the pension payment will be set forth on the Form 1099-R; the Gross Distribution will be followed by the Taxable Amount.