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New Member

What to do with a 1099-R?

My dad passed away in 2016 and I filed a joint return for both my parents last year.  This year my mom files as single under her social security number.  My dad's retirement paid a little bit into 2017 so this year has sent a 1099-R in his name with his social security number.  I am not sure what to do with it as it won't have any connection with her return with her SS number on it.  It's not like it will make any taxes be owed as it is just a small amount so I am inclined to ignore it, but don't want to cause any issues down the road.  Thanks for any advice.  

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Expert Alumni

What to do with a 1099-R?

If you filed a final return for your father last year, any income received this year would go to his heirs. In most cases, that would be his surviving spouse.


Technically, the income from Form 1099-R should be reported on your mother's tax return. If it's less than $10, however, you aren't required to include an amount that small.


You have the option to omit the income from her return and wait to see if the IRS sends you a letter asking about the missing income. If this happens, the IRS will recalculate the tax owed and send a bill. This is a fairly easy process and, in the case of a small amount of income, has no real downside.

New Member

What to do with a 1099-R?

Thank you so much for your advice.  It seemed to me that since only his SS number was on the 1099 but his SS number is no where on her return that the two may not be linked at the IRS and it might create more of a red flag to put it on the return than leave it off.  

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