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TurboTax Deluxe & State

I downloaded TurboTax Deluxe +_State.  I have 5 Federal e-files available.   The information I see says I have one state download.  Does that mean one state e-file or merely a download of the software?   Also, I have prepared a return which has NO STATE TAXABLE INCOME and TurboTax keeps asking me to prepare a State return.    It also says for $19.95 I can e-file the State return and I thought one state return -was at no charge.  Can you please advise me on charges for a state return?  If this return I have prepared has no state filing requirement, then when I get to a return that does have state taxable income, what is the correct procedure to follow: print it out and mail it or do I have ONE free state e-file.  I am not clear just what I can do with a state return with this software package.  Thank You

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TurboTax Deluxe & State

You get the download for one specific state.   You can use that download to prepare state returns with each federal return you prepare if you need to.  There is a charge to e-file the state returns but you can avoid that e-filing fee by printing and mailing the state instead of e-filing the state.   When you get to the filing section you can choose to e-file just the federal, and then print the state return for mailing.  If you need to prepare a return for a different state, each additional state software program is $44.99.


If you have a big family, you can prepare more than five returns--but they cannot be e-filed.  They can be printed signed and mailed.

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TurboTax Deluxe & State

You wrote:   " I have prepared a return which has NO STATE TAXABLE INCOME and TurboTax keeps asking me to prepare a State return."


You may need to explain that phrase "no state taxable income" more.  What state is it that you prepared?   Are you referring to one of the few states that has no state income tax (such as Florida), or does the state you mentioned have a state income tax, but when you prepared the return, did you end up with no state tax liability?  Or does it mean it was an income tax state but there was no state-sourced income at all from that state?


Also be aware that just because a state return has no tax liability on it, that doesn't necessarily mean the state doesn't want it filed.   I've had to file state returns that had no state tax liability.  You need to be aware of the specific filing requirements of that state about whether it needs to be filed or not.


There are so many states, and users almost never name the state in their question.  So that leads to confusion.


If  you truly prepared a state return first that has no filing requirement (some people prepare Florida by mistake, for instance), then that would have used up your included state program that came with your software.   In that case, you'd need to talk to TurboTax Support and tell them what happened so they can get you the state program that you do need without paying for it.


If you need to speak to Support by phone, you can use the contact form below.   Where the form asks what product you are using, be sure in the dropdown menu to indicate "CD/download" and the proper operating system, then indicate which Edition.


Hours are 5AM-9PM Pacific (8AM-12 Midnight Eastern), 7 days/week

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