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turbo tax problems see below

TO: Turbo Tax problems:  4 27 20; 4 28 20;

Second request for help


RE: CASE ID #[social security number removed]

Anton Loew EED, 303 E. 57 St NYC, NY 10022

Ph [phone number removed]  (or [phone number removed]) NEW EMAIL: [email address removed] (Cancel old email: [email address removed])


Hi Turbo Tax Representative,


Please call me on the phone number [phone number removed] and help me solve the following problems:

I have been using Turbo Tax for about 10 years. This year I am having terrible problems and I need an expert to help me:


  1. I am using my new MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, Two Thunderbolt 3 ports)
  2. I downloaded both 2018 and 2019 Turbo Tax programs to my new computer.
  3. I transferred all my previously filed taxes to my new computer
  4. Can you help me, since the transfer is incomplete and it did not transfer everything for 2017 and 2018?


  1. I moved the Tax Returns for 2017 and 2018 to my new computer with a portable drive. When I open Turbo Tax, instead of showing me all the Tax Returns filed, the program requests an additional  $49 for NY state taxes. Can you help me, I have already paid for all my Turbo Tax programs?


  1. My 2018 returns are missing altogether. Can you help me.
  2. My 2018 Turbo Tax filings are also mostly missing in my old computer. I have proof that I filed since I have confirmation from Turbo tax. Also, I have paid for Turbo to represent me for an additional $49 for all the years I used Turbo Tax. Can you help me.
  3. Please help me to get my “2018 Turbo Tax filings  back. Fortunately, I have a hard copy. Can you help me to re-enter my 2018 tax returns since the program does not allow me to re-enter the Tax information?
  4. I downloaded 2019  Turbo Tax on my new computer. Please help me since the  program cannot access the information from previous years.
  5. I am having problems with my files that are supposed to be in the Cloud. They have disappeared. Can you help me find them?
  6. To prevent future loss of files, I understand that Turbo Tax keeps a library of our tax files. I would like to have my files be kept in your library as well.



Thanking you in advance





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Level 15

turbo tax problems see below

Nobody in this public user forum has access to your case number.


If you used the CD/download on your computer then any data file only exists on your computer - TurboTax does not have have it.


You can only transfer 2018 tax information into 2019 and that must be done as the first step with a new tax return.  


You can only transfer from a xxx.tax2018 (where xxx is the name) data file that is a file totally separate from the TurboTax application.


You cannot open 2017 or 2018 .tax data files without having the 2017 or 2018 software installed for Federal and any state that is in the data file.   It is not necessary to open 2018 in order to transfer into 2019.


See these help articles.




**Disclaimer: This post is for discussion purposes only and is NOT tax advice. The author takes no responsibility for the accuracy of any information in this post.**
Level 2

turbo tax problems see below

I completed my taxes.

However there are three forms ; which have show errors; the program insists that they do even though I inputed the information.

Thus I am prevented from eliminating the those forms;

nor does the program accept the additions to compl with the requirements and adjust them. 

Actually those forms are not required in the first place.

As result the program is preventing me from filing my taxes.

Can you help me.

Level 2

turbo tax problems see below

I completed my taxes for 2019. But I can’t file them electronically since the program is blocking me.

There are three forms which have shown errors or omissions. The program insists that they do not have all the information but this is not true, since I have input all the information they asked for.

Actually, the forms the program is making me fill out are not required in the first place.

Thus, I am prevented from filing my taxes.


Can you help me please.

Expert Alumni

turbo tax problems see below

Where do these errors appear? In the federal review?


If so, what are the three forms, and what does TurboTax say is missing from each form?


Remember that we in the Community cannot see your tax return nor the screen you are on.


Please note that since you have apparently paid for the software, that you are eligible to contact TurboTax phone support, where an agent can, with your permission, view your screen and more quickly determine the issue.


Please see this TurboTax FAQ.

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Level 2

turbo tax problems see below

I did nit know had to file home office form 8829 in 2019. I am required ti file the form now.

I nee help to complete their requirement.

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