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Tax return from last year

My daughter was locked out of her turbotax last year after someone tried to do her taxes for her and no matter what she does she cant get in and wasnt able to file last year and cant figure out what her AGI amount was and had several different w-2s that she now can't find or get ahold of anymore. Also she wasn't sure what to do for this year and never did her taxes. Can u please help me and explain how we can get back into her account and finish her taxes for these 2 years? Thank you 

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Tax return from last year

If she didn't file a return for 2022 she should start over and file it as soon as possible.  She might want to set up a IRS account and see if anything was filed for her.  She doesn't have to wait for 2022 to file 2023.  Each year is completely separate.  Start a new Online return.  Enter 0 for the AGI to efile 2023 if 2022 wasn't filed.


Sorry it's too late to start a 2022 or prior online return or use the mobile app, either on Turbo Tax or the IRS. And too late to efile 2022.

If you need to start 2022 you can buy the Desktop download here
You will need a full Windows or Mac to install it on.

If you have a simple return and want to file for free you can fill out the forms by hand. Here are some basic forms.....

Here is the 2022 1040 return

or if you want bigger type use 1040SR for Seniors,

2022 1040 Instructions

2022 EIC and Tax Tables

Schedules 1-

Don’t forget your state. And you will have to print and mail your returns. So be sure to attach copies of your W2s and any 1099s that have withholding on them. You have to mail federal and state in separate envelopes because they go to different places. Get a tracking number from the post office when you mail them for proof of filing.

Then when you file for 2023 you need to enter 0 for the 2022 AGI since you are filing 2022 late.



Tax return from last year

She would have to ask the person who did 2022 for the log in information if they used the Online version.  But they may have used the Desktop CD/Download program.  Then it won't be in the Online account.  

To find Online Accounts,  How to view all your accounts


It's common to end up with multiple accounts. First LOG OUT of whatever TurboTax account you're logged into right now. Then use this TurboTax account recovery website to get a list of user ID's for an email address. Run the tool against any email addresses you may have used

If you used the Desktop CD/Download program then the only copy is on your computer and not saved or stored online.

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Tax return from last year

Yes, you can recover the account. To recover your account, start here. 


Enter your email address and then enter the verification code. The next screen will show you every account name connected to your email and the date you last used it. 


Pick the one that seems most likely to be the one you used last. You will have to verify it again and will be prompted to change your password. You can repeat this as many times as needed to find the account.


If the problem is that the email was changed, fill out our Account Recovery Request Submission form. 


If she has her 2023 tax forms, she can file her 2023 return before filing her 2022, unless she has a business with depreciable property, or a capital loss carryover. 

Since she didn't file 2022 on time, her 2022 AGI is $0.


She can get her missing W-2 forms either by contacting her employer, or by getting her records from the IRS. Follow this link for more about that. 


Once you have the 2022 forms, you can follow this link to get the 2022 tax program. 

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