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New Member

Issues with phone support

Used Turbotax for many years (many years)  with audit defense and have been very happy with it, always told others that i use Turbotax - BUT - this year paid for the Premier version (CD) because "includes expert answers from CPAs and EAs via phone"...this year i needed to verify a couple of things with talking to a person etc thus bought the disappointment-talked to live person after 40 minute wait - the phone service was not acceptable. the person seem like they had no clue as to what i was asking and i had to correct the person with actual specified amount per Turbo Tax website for child income and filing.  she said less than $600 child needs to file; actually is $6350... - then person said she cannot advise me; however the primer version i bought states "includes expert answers from CPAs or EAs via phone"...when i asked if she was a CPA answer was NO, when I what is a EA answer was i dont know "always been confused about that". She suggested i call back tomorrow- we are closing i have another 40 minutes to stay on hold. and get this...i got an email for a survey, two links provided, neither (for some reason) conveniently work...common really...feel as if i have lost some trust with the product and company.

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Intuit Alumni

Issues with phone support

I have sent you a private message regarding this. I would love to help you get the support you were looking for. Please check your messages by clicking the envelope in the upper right hand corner of the window. 

New Member

Issues with phone support

This is my 2nd? or 3rd year using Intuit Turbo Tax and I called the support line with questions.. the wait was apparently too long- the automated system did not give me the choice to hold or be called back.. it said they would call back and only once so 'be ready'..... the call came (it's after 11pm here) the support person Mia seemed helpful until I expressed that I was concerned that though she could not tell me what the term meant that I did not understand, she could tell me how to answer the form question... After I expressed my concern, I was put on hold and after I asked 'are you there?' 'Hello' several times... She hung up. I do NOT feel confident in the system or the people or their knowledge.

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