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  • How can I print electronic filing instructions and worksheets for 2018

    I already e-filed my taxes, the status of federal and state returns is "pending".  The button to download...

  • Is this fellowship amount taxable?

    My son graduated 4 years University last June. Through his University he was selected to receive the public...

  • Can I still contribute to the 401k plan at my work for 2018?

    I didn't maxed out my 401k plan in 2018. Can I make an additional contribution that will be counted towards...

  • Where do I enter a franchise fee?

    I started my business last year and paid $49,500 franchise fee. Can I enter this amount under the other...

  • Can I take the home office deduction

    In 2018 I was unemployed and looking for a job in my current occupation for a number of months. I was at...

  • Where to enter these business expenses

    Hello,  I created LLC last year to start my business. I'm preparing a self-employed return and not sure...

  • What franchise expenses are deductible 1st year?

    I bought a franchise last year. I had a lot of expenses but no income. What can I deduct without...

  • How many months your child lived with you question

    My son was away in college. He was home maximum 3 months throughout the year, for breaks from school....

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