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Spanish: Account Management Launchpad

RESUELTApor TurboTaxActualizado hace julio 20, 2023

Spanish Launch Pads contain only content responses.
Processes will not be available in Spanish.

Please refer to the English KB version to review process.

If content is not available in Spanish, please escalate to Tier 2 Spanish. If it's a valid escalation, they will escalate to backline  which is the Q- Core Spanish queue.

  • Before escalating, please indicate what response is missing. 

Looking for the Spanish: Core Launch Pad instead?


Flujo de US Core Sign Up Y Problemas Comunes: Paso 2 (3187)
- Failed Validation
- Failed Validation R2
- CV Failure Verify Log Wrong Information 10
- CV Failure Verify Log Wrong Information R2
- Re-register with same email
- Email Change Response Add On
- Email Change Update 
- Deceased Error TU
- Under 18
- Step 2::Finish Registration
- Step 2::Finish Registration 2
- Report Failure::Equifax::Deceased Error EFX
- Account recovery::Step 2::Force Register SSN
- MS Manually Canceled:: Cancel without access - 72
- MS Manually Cancelled::Membership Canceled - CS120
- Cancellation::Step 2::Step 2 Fail - CS452 
- Registration:: TUI Ongoing
- EID 1004 Pattern Recognition Error
- EID rejected 1004 Pattern Recognition Error after 72 hours
- Safety Check Failure R1
- Safety Check Failure R2 
- Deactivate -  Blank Account

Flujo de US Core Sign Up Y Problemas Comunes: Paso 3  (3188)
Attach documents Success
Step 3::Explanation of Questions - R1
Step 3::Explanation of Questions - R2 
Access::EFX EID rejected verify errors
SSN Likely Not Issued Prior
Step 3:: OOW EID Retry Questions 99 
Report Failure::Equifax::No Hit Equifax R2
MS Manually Canceled:: Cancel without access - 72
MS Manually Cancelled::Membership Canceled - CS120
Cancellation::Step 3::Step 3 Fail 
Step 3::Fake Thin File Stuck in Reg 351
EID 1004 Pattern Recognition Error
EID rejected 1004 Pattern Recognition Error after 72 hours 

Cuentas de Canadá accidentales  (3297)
Accidental CA account, No US account
Accidental CA Account
Accidental CA Account and Has Been Reset - CS02 combination 

Cuando alguien escribe en nombre de un miembro y Envío de correo electrónico desde la dirección de correo electrónico de otro miembro (3298)
Deceased Relation Round 1
Deceased Relation Round 2 Deactivate
No Account/Landlord/Power of Attorney
Deceased Relation Possible Fraud
Deceased Relation Deactivate
Account Tied to Other MemberSend New Request
Landlord Tenant Accounts

Identity Verification 
Respuestas de verificación de identidad (3290)
Verify Identity - ID Verification
Verify Identity - Manually Verified
Unable to Service (id-verification Manual Failure)
Request Cancelation

Verificar Manualmente Identificación con File Upload  (3291)
Send Documents R1 
Send Documents R2 
Resend Docs (not legible)
Resend Docs (file type) 
Resend Docs (additional document)
Member states they can't or are unwilling to send docs
When the PII on documents doesn’t match PII in the member’s account 
Password Reset 
Flujo de Restablecimiento de Contraseña y Problemas Comunes  (3189)
Change Password FAQ
Password Has Been Reset
Login Issue Cool Down
Password Not Received
Has Been Reset
Why isn't my password strong enough?
Did Not Request
Email Abuse Bounced Emails
Why do I need a new password?
Forgot Password
Looks Like Reset Password
MS Password Reset::Still doesn't matchWrong Address
Email ChangeConfirmar Proceso de Correo Electrónico (3189)
Confirm Email 
Confirm Email R2
Confirm Email Possible Fraud
Typo in email address
Security::Email on File R1
Security::Email on File R2
Send Documents R1

Dirección de Gmail con puntos (3300)
Dots don't matter in Gmail addresses
Possible FraudProceso de Posible Fraude y Desactivación  (3190)
Confirm Email
Possible Fraud
Previously Suspended
Possible Fraud Deactivation
Security Frustration
Identity Theft
Re-Assign to US-RFI
Registration::Step3::Possible Fraud Replacement Notification
Deactivation::Email Tied to Possible Fraud Account 

Posible desactivación del fraude por parte de Trust & Safety
Unable / Unwilling to Submit Documents R2
Account Reactivated by Fraud Ops
Unable to Reactivate Account
Unable to Reactivate Account R2
CancellationIdentificación de Cuentas Activas en Reach  (3192)
Blank Account R1
Explanation of OOW and eID Questions - R1
User Solved Verification 06
Request Deactivation
Must Re-Register 

Botón Desactivar en Reach  (3191)
Deactivate R1
Deactivate -  Blank Account
Deactivate - Match
Deactivate - No Match
Deactivate - No Account
Membership Canceled  

Solicitud de Desactivación y Cancelación de Cuenta  (3200)
Request Deactivation
Request Cancelation 

Eliminar mi información (retención de datos) (3295)
Delete My Info R1/Security::Data Retention
Delete My Info R2
Delete My Info R3R3 - if member is claiming to be a fraud victim who has not agreed to our Privacy Policy) 
Update Personal Information Name, DOB, SSN, Address, Phone NumberComo manejar un cambio legal del nombre  (3291)
Legal Name Edit
Legal Name Change
Legal Name Change Pushback
Legal Name Change Error

Solicitudes de cambio de información personal (3197)
Change Address (new address does not appear on reports)
Change Address (new address appears on reports)
Change of SSN
Change DOB
Emails must be different 

Respuestas para ayudar a los miembros con números de teléfono verificados  (3195)
Email or phone change 
Phone change success
Unable to enable/disable 2FA
What is 2-Factor Authentication? 2FA
Why don’t I need a code every time I log in with 2-Factor Authentication? 2FA
Add Phone
Phone already in use
Invalid Phone Type
Phone Number Change Self Service
Incorrect OTC
OTC Sent to Incorrect Phone
Phone Unavailable
Provide new phone number
Attached image Success
Service Provider Unavailable
Security:: How do I turn 2-factor authentication on and off? 2FA
Security:: I enabled 2FA, but I don’t have my verified phone R1
Errors, Fraud Risk, Troubleshooting, App Login IssuesErrores para cuentas validas (3289)
Pull Failed - Address Problem
Thin File (N/A)
No Hit Equifax
No Hit Equifax 2
Request Deactivation 
Must Re-Register R1
Must Re-register R2  

Problemas de Inicio de Sesión (Fraude) (3196)
Email notification of logon unrecognized device R1
Email notification of logon unrecognized device  R2
Logon Blocked by Fraud Risk Profile R1
Logon Blocked by Fraud Risk Profile R2 

Cómo solucionar un posible problema del producto
Known CK MS Issue confirmed response
Request screenshot
Provide Device Info
Still working on it
Issue won’t be fixed response
Known Issue fixed response
Provide browser info 

Inicio de sesión en la aplicación móvil: código de acceso, Face ID, Touch ID (3296)
Reset Passcode (PIN) from the Mobile App
Change Passcode
I don’t want to use a passcode
Touch ID Face ID Doesn’t Remain Enabled
Touch ID/Face ID On Off
Windows app discontinued
App push notifications on iPhone

Función no es soportada (3301)
Feature not supported 

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