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What if I am told my credentials are incorrect but I know they’re right?

SOLVEDby TurboTaxUpdated 6 days ago

When you add an account to Net Worth, you’ll need to provide the sign in info you use for that bank or financial institution.

If we show that your username or password is incorrect, this is the quickest solution:

  1. Go to your financial institution’s website and change your password there.
  2. Make note of the length of your password, as banks often have character limits. If you're copying and pasting your password from a password manager or elsewhere, you might not notice how many characters your bank actually accepts as your password. If you enter a password with the wrong number of characters on Intuit Credit Karma, we’ll say your password is incorrect.
  3. Return to Credit Karma
  4. Try to link your account again with your new password. If we tell you your password is too long or too short, we are simply reminding you of your bank’s character limit.
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