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Auto Loan Factors Simulator

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Intuit Credit Karma wants to help you decide if you should apply to refinance your auto loan! For members with an existing auto loan*, you may be able to use the Credit Karma mobile experience to simulate changes to different loan factors to see how they could affect your existing auto loan, and then view personalized offers for refinance options.

Using our auto loan factors feature, you can simulate changes to your existing auto loan’s lengthinterest rate, or monthly payment on the Credit Karma mobile app or using mobile browser.

Tap the + or - icons to play with your monthly payment and watch how your loan could change!

If you’ve been having trouble making your monthly payments on time, tap to see how things could change if you lower your monthly payment. Or, if you have extra cash, tap + to see how raising your monthly payment could change your loan.

Then, check out our personalized loan recommendations from partners to see estimates of what your refinance options could be, with full service customer support through the application process and competitive rates.

Simulating changes to your factors on Credit Karma won’t change your existing loan. We’ll give you an idea of how your loan could change if you refinance, but your loan itself won’t actually change unless you apply and are approved to refinance your auto loan with a specific lender and close on that loan.

*This feature is currently only available to certain members using mobile app or mobile browser. There is a chance you may not see this feature just yet.

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