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Why don't my credit reports match?

SOLVEDby TurboTaxUpdated 1 week ago

When you compare your TransUnion and Equifax reports on Intuit Credit Karma, you may notice that certain information, such as your credit card balances or limits, may not match exactly. Keep reading to learn about a few different reasons your scores or credit reports may differ. 

Financial institutions report to different bureaus at different times

At Credit Karma, your reports can be checked for updates as often as daily for TransUnion and weekly for Equifax, with a limited number of members getting daily Equifax score checks at this time. Keep in mind that while many lenders report to the bureaus, they don’t always report to each bureau at the same time.

A financial institution might not report to all bureaus

Some financial services companies choose to report to all three major consumer credit bureaus, while others may report to just one or two. If you’re wondering whether this is the case, contact your specific financial institution directly to ask.

There may be an error in one of your credit reports

The reports you see on Credit Karma may not be exactly the same, but they should at least be accurate. Keeping in mind the reasons above, double-check you TransUnion and Equifax credit reports to make sure there isn’t any incorrect information.

If you find incorrect information on your credit reports, check out these resources for guidance:

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