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How do I link my credit cards to my credit card debt payoff plan?

SOLVEDby TurboTaxUpdated 2 weeks ago

When you are setting up your credit card debt payoff plan we will try to suggest accounts to link based on your TransUnion credit report. If you do not see your credit card’s issuing bank suggested, you can search for it by name at the top of the screen. 

If you search for your financial institution and it is still not available, we may allow you to request it so we can try to add it in a future update. We are not able to add all financial institutions but will do our best to add the most commonly requested ones. 

I don’t see my card listed when I try to link it

When you connect your external online accounts to make your credit card debt payoff plan you should see the option to link the credit cards associated with that online account. If you do not see a credit card you expected to find associated with your online banking credentials, make sure you have that card enabled for online access with your issuing bank. 

Some financial institutions do not allow third-party services, such as Intuit Credit Karma, to access your online account information and you will be unable to track cards that are not available to link. 

I’m seeing an invalid credentials error when I try to link my card

If you are seeing an error message that your username or password are incorrect, try the following to resolve the issue. 

  1. Make sure you are logging in with the correct credentials. You will need to use your login details for your online bank account, not your Credit Karma account. 
  2. Make sure you have online banking enabled for your credit accounts.
  3. Try to log in to your online account on your bank’s website. If you are having trouble logging in directly to your bank’s online account, your bank can help you regain access.
  4. If you have multi-factor authentication enabled with your bank, make sure you are able to use it successfully to access your account.
    • You may need to contact your bank for assistance with multi-factor authentication issues. 
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