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Are there transaction limits on my card?

SOLVEDby TurboTaxUpdated 5 days ago

For your protection, there are limits to how much you can spend on your debit card or transfer with your accounts on a daily and monthly basis. These limits are intended to allow you to make a majority of your transactions without needing to consider the limits but may prevent or slow down making very large purchases or transfers. 

You can view the current transaction limits for your Credit Karma Money Spend and Save accounts by accessing your Transaction Limits page when logged in. You have both daily and monthly limits that you should be aware of to ensure you can use your account balances as you need them. If you reach one of these limits you will be unable to make additional transactions that count against that limit until the next calendar day or month depending on which limit you reached.

Using your debit card to purchase currency, such as cryptocurrencies or foreign currency, will count against your cash withdrawal limit.

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