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  • 1098e form jump to

    when clicking "jump to" in search box, not taking me to the form or yes/no question

  • Filing a 1099 misc

    If I made less than $400.00 on a 1099 do I have to file the 1099?

  • 1099 Div with Acorns

    I'm currently have an Acorns account and they sent me my 1099, but didn't tell me which suffix to use on my...

  • How do I import or enter my W-2?

  • 1095a add to taxes


  • 1099 misc not showing income

    When reviewing information, the income amount for 2015 is shown, but 2016 shows $0.  I'm guessing I entered...

  • 1099 misc missing box 2 for royalties

  • 1099 Misc form and W2

    I just realized I received both a 1099-Misc form and W-2 from my employer. I'm still early in the process -...

  • Who files the 1098-T?

    Does the student use the 1098-T or the parent?  The student is a dependent, living at home.

  • Entering 1095-A and 1095-B

    I have both a 1095-A and 1095-B. How do I enter info from 1095-B

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