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  • cannot import tdameritrade 1099

    From the answer: Several users have posted that they are unable to import 1099-B from many different financial institutions, even though their forms are viewable when they log into their accounts.

  • How to import robinhood?

    From the answer: Robinhood has emailed their clients that tax documents are ready, CLEARLY its turbo tax who isn't ready to import.

  • where do I enter my import code

    From the answer: If you are already entering your W-2 info it's a good possibility that you chose "Skip Import" on the page requesting the import code.

  • Import 1098 and 1099

    From the answer: You can import your Form(s) 1099 into Turbotax; however you will need to enter your Form 1098 manually.

  • Betterment - "The import was unsuccessful"

    From the answer: I heard back from Betterment.... I wish the import tool would tell you that vs. just saying "failed to import".

  • import from quickbooks self employed

    From the answer: You don't import it, you export it from QBSE

  • Import Software from Online

    From the answer: Please refer to the instructions below to download your TurboTax Online file that you can open in the desktop software.

  • Import Robinhood 1098 document

    From the answer: Form 1098 is for mortgage interest.... Do you have a mortgage from Robinhood?... TurboTax no longer imports Form 1098.

  • It's deductible not importing

    From the answer: ______________________________ While the early releases of the software appeared to indicate that you can import ItsDeductible data from an account with a different UserID, that option is currently not working and may not be allowed this year.

  • import itsdeductible to turbotax

    From the answer: To see some alternative ways to get to the interview screen to import from ItsDeductible, please see epo39b's response to the following question, "How do i import my charitable contributions from its deductible?":