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  • import last year's turbotax info

    From the answer: Transferring (uploading) last year's tax data file to TurboTax Online Last year's  tax data file  (.tax files) can be transferred to Online Deluxe and higher-tier versions.

  • Which 1099 forms can be imported?

    From the answer: You can securely import Forms 1099-B, 1099-DIV, 1099-INT, 1099-OID, and 1099-R into TurboTax, provided your brokerage or financial institution is a participating TurboTax Import Partner .

  • How to import robinhood?

    From the answer: Robinhood has emailed their clients that tax documents are ready, CLEARLY its turbo tax who isn't ready to import.

  • its deductible import - where is it?

    From the answer: To import your  donations from ItsDeductible  into TurboTax Online: Open (continue) your return in TurboTax Online.

  • How to import my W2

    From the answer: W-2 import will not be available until early in 2017 when payroll companies start making W-2's available.

  • import from quickbooks self employed

    From the answer: You don't import it, you export it from QBSE

  • Import Software from Online

    From the answer: Please refer to the instructions below to download your TurboTax Online file that you can open in the desktop software.

  • import itsdeductible to turbotax

    From the answer: To see some alternative ways to get to the interview screen to import from ItsDeductible, please see epo39b's response to the following question, "How do i import my charitable contributions from its deductible?":

  • cannot import tdameritrade 1099

    From the answer: Several users have posted that they are unable to import 1099-B from many different financial institutions, even though their forms are viewable when they log into their accounts.

  • want to import w2

    From the answer: Assuming your employer partners with TurboTax to offer this feature, you will be able to import your W-2 into the TT program as soon as your employer is ready.