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  • can't import 1099 from fidelity

    From the answer: You might not be able to import your 1099 despite signing in with the correct bank or brokerage login.

  • How do I import my 1099?

    From the answer: You can securely import your 1099-B, 1099-DIV, 1099-INT, 1099-OID, or 1099-R into TurboTax, provided your broker or financial institution participates in our TurboTax Partner program .

  • can I import 1099 from charles schwab?

    From the answer: Yes, you should be able to import your Form 1099 from Charles Schwab; however, the brokerage will most likely not have the forms available until early February.

  • How do I import from the .txf file?

    From the answer: If you're using TurboTax for Mac (which doesn't support direct import) or are experiencing problems with the direct import, you can import from the Quicken .txf

  • How do I import last year's information ?

    From the answer: Your information shows that you are using Turbo Tax Free Edition.... To import last years information you will need to upgrade to PLUS.

  • Which 1099 forms can be imported?

    From the answer: You can securely import Forms 1099-B, 1099-DIV, 1099-INT, 1099-OID, and 1099-R into TurboTax, provided your brokerage or financial institution is a participating TurboTax Import Partner .

  • Unsuccessful Import of Merrill Lynch tax documents

    From the answer: I didn't import them because I filled out the forms weeks ago.... I'll just compare the actual form to my numbers to be sure everything matches, which will not require an import.

  • import from quickbooks to turbotax online

    From the answer: TurboTax online does not support QuickBooks import.... Only the TurboTax Desktop version supports this feature.

  • import tax forms fidelity

    From the answer: Provided that your Form 1099 is one of the following types of 1099s, you can import it directly from Fidelity :   1099-B ,  1099-DIV ,  1099-INT ,  1099-OID , or  1099-R   Fidelity is a TurboTax partner.

  • how do I import info from Vanguard?

    From the answer: To import your Vanguard information: Go to Federal > Wages & Income Scroll down to the Retirement Plans and Social Security section and click Start next to IRA, 401(k), Pension Plan Withdrawals (1099-R) On the Choose your bank or brokerage page, clic