TurboTax FAQ
TurboTax FAQ
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AnswerXchange Community Roles

User: A visitor that asks a question on AnswerXchange.

Member: A user that actively comments or answers questions on AnswerXchange and fulfills our Community Guidelines.

Rising Star: A contributor that frequently shares accurate information and follows The Community Values.

SuperUser: Our most consistent and frequent contributor. SuperUsers embody The Community Values and reassure Community Guidelines are being followed.

Moderator: A dedicated Intuit employee that curates the quality of the community. The Moderator Team oversees AnswerXchange, communicated with top contributors, and assists users when necessary. Click here to Meet The Moderators.

TurboTax Employee/Employee: An Intuit community member that is specialized in product selection, technical questions, product navigation, e-filing, or tax advice. Employees will have "TurboTax" displayed on their tad and display name.