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TurboTax FAQ
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How do I print my federal tax forms?

If you've already filed your federal taxes, here's how you can print your federal tax forms without printing your state taxes.

  1. From Tax Home (the first screen you see after you sign in), scroll down to Your tax returns & documents. You may have to select Show to open the drop down.
  2. Select 2018, and then select Add a State (you're not actually adding a state, this is just the workaround).
  3. In the left menu, select Tax Tools.
  4. Underneath Tax Tools, select Print Center.
  5. Then, Print, save or preview this year’s return.
  6. Now check the 2018 federal returns box and choose which forms to print out.
  7. Select View or print forms.
  8. You'll now be able to print your federal tax forms.