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Federal Estimated Taxes Paid in 2016 cannot be edited in TurboTax Online

 Some TurboTax Online users have reported that they are unable to edit federal estimated tax payments made in 2016. Some users have stated they became locked out from editing this section after filing an extension.

These users state that when visiting the "Deductions and Credits" Section for estimated Tax payments and choose to revisit the Federal estimated taxes paid in 2016 they are unable to edit the amounts they had listed as paid in 2016.


Work Around

 At this time we have Identified a work around to this issue.

To resolve, please follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to My Account
  2. Choose Tools
  3. Choose Delete a form
  4. Select the delete the Tax Payments Work Sheet
  5. Navigate back to Deductions and Credits 
  6. Revisit Estimated Tax Payments and enter your correct dollar amounts
  7. Revisit Other Income Taxes to verify your Payment made with your 2016 Extension (if you made one) is entered properly.