TurboTax FAQ
TurboTax FAQ

Why don't I receive a PDF with all forms and worksheets in TurboTax Online?

We are currently experiencing  an issue in TurboTax Online regarding downloading of all forms and worksheets as a PDF. When a customer who wants all forms and worksheets of their return click on the links to Download/Print Return (PDF) in their Tax Timelines they only receive the forms needed for filing. This issue also applies to downloading and printing tax returns within the Print Center in TurboTax Online.

Who is Affected

If you meet all of the following you may be affected by this issue: 

  1. Working on or Completed your tax return in TurboTax Online
  2. You need a copy of your tax return for the current year and want all forms and worksheets



 We're working on a solution to this issue. Please click here to receive email notifications when any updates related to this issue become available.