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TurboTax FAQ

Why do I only get current year tax data in TurboTax Online when I click on View Tax Data for FAFSA?

We are currently experiencing an issue where customers who need 2015 tax return data for the FAFSA are given current year 2016 tax data when they click on the "View tax data for FAFSA" link in TurboTax Online. 

For the upcoming school year 2017-2018 the Department of Education has changed reporting requirements for the FAFSA (Free Application For Student Financial Aid) in regards to parents and students tax return information. Prior to the changes students and parents (if needed) were asked for current tax data for the year. However, the Department of Education now requires tax data from the prior year return. For example, the student and parent (if needed) will be required to submit tax year 2015 data for the 2016 - 2017 school year. Please see this Article from the Department of Education for further information. 



We are aware of this issue and will be fixing it in the next release of TurboTax Online in December 2017. 

If you need your prior year tax data and you used TurboTax Online to file your taxes this year:

  1. From your Tax Timeline
  2. Click "Load my Tax Timeline" in the Looking for prior year returns section
  3. In the 2015 Tax Year section click Download/Print return (PDF)

If your 2015 return is locked you can do one of two things:

  1. Start a new return, upgrade to plus and pay. Please follow the instructions in the article: "How do I add PLUS when using Federal Free Edition?" to gain access to your prior return.
  2. Request a transcript of your 2015 return from the IRS. Please follow the instructions in this article: "Can I get a copy of my tax return from the IRS?" to order transcripts or copies of your return from the IRS.