TurboTax FAQ
TurboTax FAQ

Can I transfer from a PDF into 2016 TurboTax for Windows?

Yes!  You can save time and effort by transferring a PDF of last year's return whether you used other tax software last year, or used an accountant or tax service (H&R Block, etc.)

  • You can't transfer a PDF from TurboTax Online - However, you can transfer a .tax file from TurboTax online. More info.

Keep in Mind:

  • The PDF needs to be your 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ.
  • The program accepts PDFs from a range of providers but not all of them.
  • After uploading your PDF, you’ll have a chance to update your information from last year’s return.

In certain situations, the program might not accept a PDF, such as when it’s password-protected, a scan of a hard copy rather than an electronic PDF, and certain other cases. If this happens, don’t worry, we’ll guide you through typing in your info.


  1. Open TurboTax 2016.
  2. From the File menu, choose New Tax Return.
  3. Click Start.
  4. Under the Browse for Your Return section, click Browse.
  5. Search and select your PDF file, then click Open.
  6. Click Continue.
  7. Your information will transfer to TurboTax.
  8. Save your new tax file to ensure you don't lose any info and continue to follow the on screen instructions.

Other Notes: 

  • TurboTax Online supports PDF transfers, if you used tax software other than TurboTax last year, or you used an accountant or tax service (H&R Block, etc.)
  • TurboTax Mobile and TurboTax Business do not support PDF transfers.