TurboTax FAQ
TurboTax FAQ

Why is TurboTax for Windows not importing my 1099 information from my bank?

We are currently experiencing an issue where customers are not able to import their 1099 information from their banks or financial institutions. When customers want to import their 1099 information and they select their bank or financial institution they are not asked for their username and passwords for the bank, rather they are asked to manually enter the information.


This issue will be fixed in an update to TurboTax Desktop for Windows on Friday August 4th, 2017. On August 4th please allow your TurboTax Software to update when you first launch the program. Until then please follow the workaround listed below: 

  1.  Click "File" in the upper left corner of TurboTax
  2.  Click "Import"
  3.  Select "From Financial Institution"
  4.  Type or scroll through the menu to find your bank or financial institution
  5.  Enter your bank username and password to import your information