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TurboTax FAQ
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Why can't I update my rejected extension?

Customers are reporting they are getting an error that indicates it is past the deadline when they attempt to resend their rejected extension.


During our investigation we determined this issue was impacting those who filed their extension with an incorrect Social Security Number and attempted to correct the extension the day after the filing deadline. When you attempt to file an extension with a different Social Security Number the system sees the attempt as a NEW filing therefore will not allow you to file an extension. 

  1. If you do NOT owe the IRS you will NOT be charged any penalties. Returns with a refund can be filed within 3 years.
  2. If you owe the IRS and fall into this situation we would suggest to go to the IRS site and make an estimated payment of the taxes due. This will help reduce any penalties or interest you may incur for filing your return late.
  3. File your return as soon as possible. This will also help reduce any penalties or interest.