TurboTax FAQ
TurboTax FAQ

IND-025-02: If PINTypeCd in the Return Header has the value Self-Select On-Line and PrimaryBirthDt has a value then PrimaryPriorYearAGIAmt, PrimaryPriorYearPIN, IdentityProtectionPIN must have a value

This rejection occurs when the 2015 AGI or signature ID (aka self-select PIN) for the first person on the return is missing. The IRS requires that you provide one of these numbers to e-file your return.


You'll need to leave the TurboTax app and sign in to a browser:

  1. Sign out of the app by tapping TurboTax icon in the upper-left corner > App Settings > Sign Out.
  2. Open your browser (either on your device or a computer) and sign in at MyTurboTax.com (use your app login).
  3. Fix and refile your return in TurboTax Online. Instructions