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TurboTax Windows Error 567809 - Cannot save tax file

 Some TurboTax Desktop users may experience the Error: 567809 when attempting to save their tax file.

This is a general error when saving that can be experienced for a few different reasons.


 This error may be experienced for the following reasons

1. The file may be corrupted:

Saving a new file successfully without the error is typically a key identifier that you have a problem with the original file.

Making a copy of the file in a different location may work, however in most cases it does not. Starting over with a new file is typically the solution to resolve the error.

2. The location you are saving to has either moved, does not exist, or is corrupted:

This can happen if the location you typically save to has been removed, if the folder ended up in the recycle bin and it has not been emptied you could restore the location.

You can also save to a new location like the desktop for example as a solution.

3. You may not have Read/Write access privileges to the location you are attempting to save to:

The main cause of not having read/write access is not being logged in as the admin user of the computer.

If saving to a removable drive it could be set to read only If set to read only you will need to set the removable drive to read/write access.