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E-file reject IND-031-04 or IND-032-04: The AGI or Self-select PIN from last year doesn't match IRS records

If the 2017 adjusted gross income (AGI) or self-select PIN you entered for yourself and/or your spouse doesn't match the numbers in the IRS database, you'll get one or both of these rejections:

  • IND-031-04: The primary taxpayer's AGI or Self-select PIN from last year does not match IRS records
  • IND-032-04: The spouse's AGI or Self-select PIN from last year doesn't match IRS records

Even if you believe you entered the correct information, go through the solution below to make sure you didn't overlook anything. We want to help you successfully e-file your return.

  1. Sign in to your account and select the Fix my return button.
  2. At the Hi, welcome back to TurboTax message, select the first Fix It Now button (under FEDERAL Return Rejected).
  3. On the following screen, you'll see The IRS already rejected this number: [followed by a dollar amount].
  4. Change that dollar amount to the AGI from your originally-filed 2017 return (or enter 0 if you didn't file last year), then select Continue e-filing.
    • If you don't have a copy of last year's return, get your AGI from a free IRS transcript. On the transcript, look for the line ADJUSTED GROSS INCOME.
    • Don't pull your AGI from your W-2. The same goes for 1099 forms.
    • Don't use the AGI from your amended 2017 return. Always get it from the first return you filed, even if that AGI was technically incorrect (for example, if you forgot a W-2).
    • See Special AGI Situations below for additional help.
  5. Follow the onscreen instructions to finish and refile your return. If your state got rejected along with your federal, we'll help you refile that too.

Special AGI Situations

Don't overthink it. Your 2017 AGI is exactly what is says – the AGI amount from your originally-filed 2017 tax return.

My AGI is correct, but I still get rejected with IND-031 or -032

This is frustrating – you keep getting rejected for the wrong AGI even though you've copied it from the 2017 return sitting right in front of you.

For some reason, the IRS has a different AGI in their database. Your job is to find out what that number is so you can e-file.

Start by getting a free IRS transcript for your 2017 return. (Also get a transcript for your spouse, if you're filing jointly in 2018 but your spouse filed their own return in 2017).

On your transcript, look for ADJUSTED GROSS INCOME (you may need to look on page 2). This is the number in the IRS database; make sure the AGI you enter matches this number exactly.

If you're unable to order an IRS transcript, try entering 0 as your AGI, assuming you haven't already gone that route. You can also try entering last year's signature ID (instructions below).

Failing that, you can opt to file a paper return; follow the solution steps above, except select File by mail when it appears.

What if I want to use my signature ID (self-select PIN) instead of my AGI?

If you know the 5-digit signature ID (aka self-select PIN) you used to sign last year's return, you can use that in lieu of your AGI. (Don't enter it as your AGI; follow the steps below.)

Your signature ID is a random 5-digit number you entered last year, right before you transmitted your return. It's not the 5-digit PIN you got from the IRS, unless you chose to reuse the same number (which is perfectly fine). We don't store your signature ID in your account, and you won't find it on your printouts. You would've had to memorize it, write it down, or take a screenshot.

Anyhow, here's where to enter last year's signature ID as your self-select PIN:

  1. Sign in to your account and select the Fix my return button.
  2. At the Hi, welcome back to TurboTax message, select File in the left-hand menu (on mobile devices, select the menu icon in the upper-left corner, then tap File).
  3. Select Continue on the Welcome back, [your name]! screen.
  4. Now select Start next to Step 3: Get ready to save and file your returns.
  5. Choose I want to e-file and on the next screen (Last year's tax info) select Edit.
  6. Keep going until you reach the screen To e-file successfully, the IRS needs...
  7. On that screen, select I can't get the 2017 tax return, and follow the onscreen instructions to enter your PIN and re-file your return.